Welcome to the Bay Area Huskers

2012 Past Bay Area Husker Events

Final Final Bar Nebraska - Iowa Game November 23, 2012

Mike and Arnie   

Jack's Fremont - Bay Area Husker Shirts on Sale - Minnesota Game November 17, 2012

Our First Bay Area Husker Tee-shirts went on sale.  Kerry wins the Alumni Blanket raffle by becoming a Bay Area Huskers member.   
Anthony and Dominick  Bailey becomes our newest Husker cheerleader 
Everyone loves the new Bay Area Husker shirts  Carl and Lloyd share a story  
Carl now tells Jan what he told Lloyd    

Final Final Bar - Michigan State Game November 3, 2012

Getting ready Happy Huskers!
Jamie and friends Posing
Steve into the game Game watching
Having fun Shirley and Mike
Halftime raffle Mackenzie and giving away items at half time
Tennessee Grad The "N" is now in the correct location on shirt

Balloon release at Jack's in Fremont and another raffle winner -October 27, 2012

Nebraska scores against Michigan and time for traditional balloon release There they go. 
Virgil and Barbara win the New Membership Raffle at half-time  

Membership Sign-Up at Jack's in Fremont October 20, 2012


Josh is first raffle winner - New Bay Area Husker Member for 2012/2013


Final Final Bar - Wisconsin Game September 22, 2012

Jan and Tammy get ready for the game  Nebraska scores on Wisconsin - Balloons go Up 
Balloons heading upward  Posing and being silly 
Having fun outside  Still more fun 
Wisconsin fan and Tammy Wisconsin fan
Good times at this table  This says it all! 
View inside bar as Nebraska wins   

Annual NAA Conference in Lincoln - September 13-15

We won award for Website, Facebook and Weekly Email Display inside Hendricks Facility
Pool Table inside Hendricks Facility Jan checks out the man cave in Hendricks
New Men's Basketball Locker room Men's Basketball Practice Court
Men's practice court Weightroom
Freshman Legends Scholarship Winners Freshman Legends Scholarship Winners
Freshman Legends Scholarship Winners Football Friday's at Champion's Club - Open to everyone
Brian, Herbie and Jan West Stadium looks great
Players walking from locker room to the field New east stadium seats will be high
West side is filling up Players head off to the locker room
Huskers come out onto the field Still coming on the field
Nebraska scores and the balloons are released East stadium expansion coming along
The band was sounding good There goes a handoff
Nebraska beats Arkansas State - 42-13 Players meet after the game
Jan, Lauretta and Mel New rental chair backs they use now
Cook Pavilion and track Looking North towards indoor and outdoor practice fields
East stadium construction Jill and Jan at Starlite Lounge

Nebraska - UCLA at the Rose Bowl - September 9. 2012

Hopefully one of many trips to the Rose Bowl Nebraska Semi outside stadium
Huskers warm-up before the game Huskers fan in full force once again
Rose Bowl "What a site" Fireworks after the game.
Fireworks after the game. Fireworks after the game.

Annual Bay Area Huskers Bar-be-cue in Sunnyvale - July 29, 2012

Ginny and Marthe shuck corn Colin, Marthe, Dave and Jan Shucking
Ken explains how good the Huskers will be in 2012 Karen sets up the raffle table
Jan gets a bite to eat before it gts busy Jane talks to fellow Huskers
Allyson, scholarship recipient and her family Everyone enjoying steaks, corn, beans and potato salad
More Huskers enjoying lunch and conversation Jane finds another table

Corn Planting to use for Annual Bar-be-cue - May 5, 2012

Lloyd gets the charcoal ready Corn King Don oversees the planting
 Kernels are going in the ground More planting
Three kernels per hole Ken covers up the hole
45 days later and we ate corn at the bar-be-cue